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build your own fiat 500
build your own fiat 500


Rare 1965 Fiat 500 F “8 bolts” white with red interior, restored.
A team of craftsmen has expertly restored this model. Bodywork, mechanics and interiors are perfect. Documented Restoration.
This model represents the first 500 F series produced, and it is no coincidence that many details typical of the 500 D can be found.
But why “8 bolts”? The name derives from the way in which the doors are fixed to the column. In the transition from suicide doors to doors with front hinges, this very first series used a system of fixing with 8 spertello bolts (subsequently only 4 would be used)

This particular model has spent all its existence in the beautiful city of “Ostuni” the famous “White City”.

It belonged to a mechanic who took care to always keep all the mechanical parts efficient. A little less than the bodywork. Inexplicably over the years, someone must have thought of replacing the round dashboard, typical of the 500 F, with a squared dashboard of the 500 L. But don’t worry, during the restoration we proceeded to restore the originality.
The color had also been changed. originally it was white, then over the years the color has been changed to red. Of course, as you can see from the photos, the color was brought in originally too.