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We restore and sell Classic Car

“Driving classic cars and smell it gives me indescribable emotions”

Denitto Classics: from more than ten years is concerned to preserve and bring back former splendor of cars produced by Lancia – Alfa Romeo and Fiat.

Denitto Classics comes after a long gestation. It was the early 2000s when I, Gabriel, together with my brother Flavio decided to return to its former splendor car defined by the most “car without hope”.

The first car, needless to say, was a Fiat 500 F of 1966 reduced to a heap of rust and plaster to the point of making us earn the title of “crazy”. After 6 months the skeptics had to change his mind when a small fiat 500 green aquamarine began to whiz through the streets of a small town in southern Italy, Mesagne.

Today restoration work is entrusted to a network of artisans and professionals with years of experience. Mechanics, upholsterers, and coachbuilders work in unison to bring these jewels to the glories of the past.

  • The Passion for Classic Cars
    In our work we let ourselves be guided by passion.
  • Satisfied buyers
    We hold a high percentage of satisfied customers.
  • The Artisans
    a group of artisans, each one expert in their field, will be at your disposal

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Are you looking for a classic car? You came to the right place! Whether it's a daily driver, restoration project or barn find you're in the market for, we'd like to help you be successful in your search.
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