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classic fiat 500 dealers call e negatiation
“The classic Fiat 500 of your dreams is in Italy - would you like more information?  We call the seller in Italian to get the information and negotiate the price "


Discover the history of your classic Fiat 500
What’s better than knowing the history of your car and its previous owners? For years we have been committed to recovering and reconstructing the history of classic Fiat 500s. Not always an easy job, but with some research and some investigation, often a lot of satisfaction. This service will help you retrace the history of […]


official certificate ACI classic Fiat 500

No commitment

“Before committing, it is essential to check the administrative situation of the classic Fiat 500. " Obtain, within 2 days or at most 2 weeks *, an official certificate issued by the ACI, stating whether the classic Fiat 500 is pledged or mortgaged, and providing the total number of owners, as well as the contact details of the current owner.


Pre Purchase classic Fiat 500 Inspections
Do you want to buy a vintage Fiat 500, but want an estimate before committing? We inspect the classic Fiat 500 for you and provide you with a report


Restoration consultancy
Have you bought a classic Fiat 500 in Italy and would like to organize the restoration? We will apply the controls we apply in our restorations and will provide you with an updated report from time to time.


Fiat 500 Red

Citroen SM – for sale

FOR SALE – Fiat 500 L

Fiat 500 L (Lusso) 1973