Build your own fiat 500

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In September 1968 Fiat put on sale the 500 L or Lusso (tipo 110 F/L), a more richly trimmed and better appointed version of the standard 500 F. The 500 L remained on sale until 1972, when the new Fiat 126 was introduced. Perhaps the most obvious new feature of the 500 L were tubular guards protecting the front bumper and […]
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The Fiat 500 F spans two periods of 500 production, the Fiat 500D and the Fiat 500L. As such, it is the most frequently misidentified model. Between 1965 and 1969 the 500 F carried the same badging as the 500 D, but the two models are distinguishable by the positioning of their door hinges. The […]
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The last incarnation of the Fiat 500 was the R model. It had the same 594 cc engine of the Fiat 126, however, the power rating is the same as the L but at lower rpm (4000 instead of 4400) and with a bit more torque; a full synchromesh gearbox is still missing. The floor-pan […]
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