Build your own Fiat 500

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You too can live the dream of "la dolce vita". Imagine yourself sitting in your new vintage Fiat 500, the sunroof opened and a gentle breeze caresses your face. Just start the engine, put the first gear and enjoy every single moment driving your new Fiat 500. Some argue that happiness cannot be bought, and perhaps it is true, but you can buy a Fiat 500 which is a concentrate of pure happiness. think about it, have you ever seen someone driving a vintage Fiat 500 who wasn't smiling? Exact! The Fiat 500 is this!
Are you looking for a Fiat 500 with precise characteristics? Trust Denittoclassics and in 3/4 months we will produce a Fiat 500 as you have designed it. Since 2016 we have produced 62 classic Fiat 500s with 93.7% customer satisfaction