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1970 Fiat 500 L ( always belonging to the same family )

Are you thinking of buying a vintage Fiat 500? first watch this video on Youtube, it will be useful! 
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This is one of the originals that the new version was styled after. Why would anyone want a copy when they could have a nice original like this one for way less money?
This Fiat 500 L was registered on 1st August 1970 and has always belonged to the same family. It was the service car for 30 years, and it was in Borca di Cadore, 15 kilometers from Cortina d’ampezzo. It was the small car with which the family made small trips around the country.
Then 20 years ago it was brought to Puglia where it was used for a few years until the total restoration was carried out 8 years ago. Since then, the Fiat 500 has been used for short trips and has always been parked in the garage, sheltered from the elements.

The Fiat 500 had only 2 owners, father and then daughter.

This 1970 Fiat 500 L is in good condition. Very funny to drive !!!

New tires

This 500 starts, runs, drives and stops just fine. The rear mounted 2 cylinder, air cooled engine does not smoke. The transmission shifts just fine through all gears.

Great for those who love vintage cars or simply for those looking for a car to use everyday that have very low operating costs.

Consumption is ridiculously low.

If you have ever been to Italy you will know that these little gems adorn the streets everywhere you turn. They were so popular over there that they inspired the new fiat 500 line that has made its way to the uk. There is nothing like the original though, jump in this car and you will have a grin from ear to ear before you even make it a mile up the road.

The car is located in Mesagne – Italy – we are near Brindisi airport

Car shipping costs are not included in the ad and will be pay separately.

You can send your own courier to pick up the car, or I can arrange the shipment for you.

Of course…. if someone is on holiday in Puglia is welcome to take a ride with the Fiat 500

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For any info please contact me