Car Detail

1972 Fiat 500 L Orange with tow hitch – Never restored

Hello everyone, my name is Arancina, I was born in 1972.
I am a reliable girl, and I never leave my friends on foot.
For a period of my life I worked in the countryside. In fact, my old owner had me install an approved tow hitch.

I helped him bring the motor hoe to the small garden on the outskirts of the city. I have always loved the countryside and, in the summer, while my owner worked, I rested in the shade of a tree.
He always took care of me, even if, to be honest, I have never been too demanding.
The fact that I am a simple girl can be easily understood from the fact that I have never made up, like most of my 500 friends. The only tweaks allowed were those to protect me from rust.
I’d like to meet a new owner who could attach a nice caravan to my trailer hitch and take me around to visit new places. I found out that there is a trailer suitable for me. The Graziella 300. Can you imagine it? Arancina and Graziella together to visit new places and make everyone who meets us during our trip dream.
Vehicle Details
Year: 1972
Make: Fiat
Model: 500 L
Km: 90000
Transmission: Manual
Engine: 499cc – 2 Cylinders
Exterior Color: ORANGE
Interior Color: BLACK
This fantastic and unique 1972 Fiat 500 L is in excellent condition.
The car starts without hesitation, the ride is pleasant and the reliable braking system makes it very safe.
It has a solid body, although it would need some minor adjustments.
It has the approved tow hitch and is registered in the ASI.
Possibility to combine a vintage caravan “Levante Graziella 300” from the 60s (see photo).
For other info, please, contact me
Payment can be made by:
  • Bank transfer
  • Paypal ( in this case you need to add Paypal fees of 3,4%)
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