Car Detail

1972 Fiat 500 R – Abarth Evocation

This Fiat 500 R is an iconic city car. The R model, in particular, is the last produced series of the Fiat 500 in the version we all know.

The Fiat 500 R has been modified to make it a replica of the Abarth.

The electronic ignition will allow you to drive it without problems even on rainy days, the larger wheels will allow you to have greater driving safety.

This Italian classic is sure to make its next owner smile every time he gets behind the wheel.


A great example of the fascinating Italian city car, presented with a sporty aesthetic that makes it more aggressive.
It is powered by a 650c twin-cylinder engine, paired with a four-speed manual gearbox.
The odometer currently shows 89,494 km.
Install a car stereo with DVD player.
In addition, an adhesive tricolor band has been applied, which can therefore be removed at any time.


It is fitted with a 650cc Fiat 126 engine
The cylinder head has been modified.
Mount an alternator in place of the dynamo.
Although largely standard, this Fiat 500 F is finished in an eye-catching white paint, fitted with alloy wheels that make it more aggressive in appearance.
The old platinum-plated tip system has been replaced with an electronic ignition system which, in addition to improving reliability, solves the annoying starting problem on humid or rainy days
The front emblem was replaced with an Abarth one
The original oil pan was replaced with an Abarth
Mount rear LED lights
There is a cigarette lighter socket.


The Fiat 500 R is in good general condition. The paint is in good condition, but has some flaws near the front wheel arches, and a few small flaws at the bottom of the rear fender. Small dents also on the front fenders, near the door, and other small flaws. Please see the photos with the details of the defects found

There are no known electrical or mechanical problems.