Car Detail

1973 Fiat 500 R – Original Paint

We are offering for sale a splendid 1973 Fiat 500 R, one owner, perfectly preserved and with original paint.
After 49 years, this Fiat 500 R will have a new owner, the second one!

The car is perfectly original, there are only some paint touches in some places. The only thing that may not be original is the seat covers. In fact, her daughter remembers that as a child there was a hole in a seat, which is no longer there, probably because it was repaired by her father.

Never crashed, the original Fiat welds on the front fenders are still present.

For many years the car had a roof rack, in fact the paint touches made after its owner removed it are visible.

It was the car of a family of 6, and they all traveled together: husband, wife, and their 4 children (something unimaginable today).
There have been countless Sunday walks by the sea on the beaches of Puglia.
Imagine the scene: Sunny beach, people playing beach tennis, a Fiat 500 is parked, and 6 people get out of the car. Today we would certainly be amazed, but in the 1970s, perhaps, it was not such a rare scene to see.

As often happened before, those who bought a car did so with great sacrifices. It is for this reason that the owner of this splendid Fiat 500 R has always taken care of every aspect of the car, never neglecting anything. There was only one car, and it was used to go to work, but also to take the family on a trip. So it had to last a long time and without any problems.

About 20 years ago the owner passed away, but before leaving he had time to do the last act of love for this Fiat 500: He parked it in the garage on 4 wooden wedges, to prevent the wheels deformed, and covered it to protect it from dust. For 20 long years the Fiat 500 has stood still as its owner had left it, as if time had stopped.
A month ago, this Fiat 500 was brought out into the open, petrol was put on, the battery changed, the lever pulled to start it and …. magic, the Little Fiat 500 is off again! As if 20 years had never passed.

The car was taken to the workshop and, after having changed the tires, redone the braking system and performed a complete service to the engine, it was back on the streets.

Now, this Fiat 500 is looking for a new owner, someone who knows how to take care of it like its first owner did.


First registration: 1973
Body color: Rosso Corallo
Interior color: Black
Kilometers: 81343 km
499.5cc twin cylinder engine
Manual gearbox 4 gears + reverse
Paint condition: Original
Mechanical condition: fully functional
Condition of the electrical system: In perfect working order