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1970 Piaggio APE 550 MP

piaggio APE 550 MP
piaggio APE 550 MP

Piaggio APE 550 MP first registered in 1970.

Engine: MP A1M  – 187cc – 2-stroke mixture

The APE 550 MP is in good condition. Fully functional, both mechanically and as regards the electrical part.
Great for food trucks, advertising or events.
It belonged for many years to a man, born in 1930, who used it every day to get around. This type of vehicle is commonly used by elderly farmers, who use it to move from home to their farm. And that was the main use of this APE 550 MP.
When its owner died about 2 years ago, the APE 550MP was used very sporadically by his son to transport small agricultural equipment.
We met the wife of the old owner who told us, with evident emotion, that her husband cared a lot about his APE, so much so that he worried about always doing maintenance, and as soon as he heard some strange noise, he immediately went to the workshop to have it checked. She also told us that, when she came home after the rain, her husband took care to dry all the APE immediately to avoid soiling the floor, and therefore not to force his wife to have to clean. In our opinion he also did it to prevent the APE from rusting, but the version of the nice lady is more beautiful.

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