Covid-19, Fiat 500 and smart working

Covid-19, Fiat 500 and smart working

I could start by listing the good rules for avoiding contagion, but they have been repeated so many times that I would definitely get bored.

Many governments have underestimated the seriousness of the problem, even going so far as to talk about herd immunity and inviting their citizens to prepare to lose loved ones (claims worthy of the worst villain in Hollywood films), only to retract after that, the infectious disease specialist Neil Ferguson showed them the devastating effects of their “strategy”. As if in China or here in Italy we had closed ourselves in the house simply to spend an alternative spring.

Now, for the good of all, we are asked to stay home. Of course, we will have to upset our daily lives, but once this period has passed we could say that we have saved the world. All together. Then it’s not too difficult a thing to do. Our grandparents were asked to go to the front, we only asked to stay home.
As for me, in the morning I am busy with my work in the clinical analysis laboratory, while in the afternoon, not being able to go around looking for cars, I am taking the opportunity to make some videos on the Fiat 500. By the way, we accept advice on the topics: -)

As for Denittoclassics, the administration and customer service works from home, while the logistics and the workshop at least until April 3, are closed. For deliveries, at the moment, we are privileging sea transport and reduced ground deliveries.
Obviously, for the moment, we will not be able to make the usual videos while we test the cars around the streets of Mesagne, it would be difficult to explain to the authorities why we are driving around a vintage Fiat 500 with the hood open while it is in there was a world pandemic.

However, when everything is over, the first thing we should do for classic car enthusiasts is to bring our beloved pastel colored cars out of the garage and color the streets of the world.
And that’s why we are committed to giving continuity to the work and deliveries.
Our secretariat is open, so, do not hesitate to contact us if you are interested in our services, we are at your complete disposal and we would be very happy to help you.