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Restoration consultancy

Restoration consultancy
Restoration consultancy

Have you bought a classic Fiat 500 in Italy and would like to organize the restoration?

Obviously our workshops are always available to restore your Fiat 500, however it could happen that in some periods, the workload does not allow you to start working on your beloved Fiat 500 in a short time.

And that’s why we decided to put our experience in restorations at your disposal. We will apply the controls we apply in our restorations and will provide you with an updated report from time to time.
You will be able to find a workshop to entrust with the restoration work, or we can take care of finding workshops and managing all the processes.

• Vehicle assessment, historical importance, thorough inspection to verify its condition.
• Based on this we will decide together which type of restoration to tackle: total, conservative, etc.
• Estimates will be requested for all processing stages, specifying the timing and costs to be respected.
• We will accompany you in the control and verification of all the progress of the work
• We will produce, with the collaboration of all specialists involved in the restoration of photographic documentation, certification, etc. of the work carried out.

Contact us before making your purchase.
starting from 690 Euros