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Fiat 500 R rosso corallo

1972 Fiat 500 R Rosso corallo
1972 Fiat 500 R Rosso corallo

This beautiful 1972 Fiat 500 R is an iconic city car. The R model, in particular, is the last produced series of the Fiat 500 in the version we all know.
Painted in a beautiful “rosso corallo”.

Matching numbers: The engine is the one mounted by the parent company at the time of production of this specimen

This Fiat 500 R belonged to a lady who worked in the city hall of the municipality of Brindisi. It can be said that this car has never been out. In fact, the previous owner, to go to work, took it out of her garage and, after making the journey to get to work, parked it inside the garage in the city hall.
Purchased a few years ago by a coachbuilder, this Fiat 500 R has been completely disassembled and restored to its old splendor.

Today it is in perfect condition and, without exaggeration, it is a Fiat 500 in concours condition.

This Italian classic is sure to make its next owner smile every time he gets behind the wheel.


A great example of the fascinating Italian city car, presented in perfect condition.
It is powered by a 499cc twin-cylinder engine, paired with a four-speed manual gearbox.
The odometer currently shows 10,107 km.

Fitted with chromed rear-view mirrors
Two fog lights were mounted on the front bumper.


The Fiat 500 R is in excellent overall condition. The paint is perfect.
All systems work perfectly

To conclude, I believe that this 1972 Fiat 500 R is a car suitable for those looking for a car without compromise, perfect in all its parts, simply for those looking for a gem to be included in their collection.