Car Detail

Fiat 500 L – Yellow – 1969

Buongiorno! This is one of the originals that the new version was styled after. Why would anyone want a copy when they could have a nice original like this one for way less money?

This 500 starts, runs, drives and stops just fine and needs nothing to be used & enjoyed right now. The rear mounted 2 cylinders, air cooled engine does not smoke, make funny noises or leak oil. The transmission shifts just fine through all gears.

Everything appears to be in working order on the car. The windows, doors, trunk, hood and sunroof open and close properly. The horn, lights & blinkers all work. Even the windshield washer & wipers work. I haven’t tried the heat but all the tubes are in place and it should work just fine.
Sell the 1969 Fiat 500 L luxury as you see in the picture.

The car was restored by the previous owner in 2009 and has since remained in the garage until 3 months ago.

Funds ok
Interior in good condition
Tinted windows
Hood without holes
Just replaced tires
Tires white bands removable
New battery
Engine in excellent condition
New braking system

It does not need any work
3 previous owners

Great for those who love vintage cars or simply for those looking for a car to use everyday that have very low operating costs.

The white bands are those that apply over the wheel, you can then remove them at any time.

Consumption is ridiculous.

Of all the classic fiat 500s, the “L” is the most desirable. The “L” stands for Lusso (like the Ferrari!) which is Italian for luxury. If you have ever been to Italy you will know that these little gems adorn the streets everywhere you turn. They were so popular over there that they inspired the new fiat 500 line that has made its way to the uk. There is nothing like the original though, jump in this car and you will have a grin from ear to ear before you even make it a mile up the road.

She’s in good condition and is ready to be a fun weekend car, cute city car or a great advertising tool for your business.

The car is located in Puglia – Italy

The cost of shipping the car is not included in the ad and must be paid separately.
To pick up your car you can send your own courier. Or I can arrange the shipment

Of course …. if someone is on holiday in Puglia is welcome to take a ride with the 500