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FIAT 500 L or Lusso (1968–1972) – FULLY RESTORATION

In September 1968 Fiat put on sale the 500 L or Lusso (tipo 110 F/L), a more richly trimmed and better appointed version of the standard 500 F. The 500 L remained on sale until 1972, when the new Fiat 126 was introduced.
Perhaps the most obvious new feature of the 500 L were tubular guards protecting the front bumper and the corners of the rear one. As a result, the car was about 6 cm (2.4 in) longer than the 500 F at 3,025 mm (119 in). Other model-specific exterior items were a new Fiat badge at the front, redesigned hubcaps, chrome plastic mouldings covering the roof drip rails, and bright trim around windscreen and rear window. Inside the dashboard was entirely covered in black anti-glare plastic material instead of being bare painted metal, and was fitted with a new trapezoid instrument binnacle replacing the round one used on all other 500 models. The steering wheel was black plastic with metal spokes. The door cards—upholstered in the same pleated pattern leatherette used on the seats—carried redesigned and relocated door handles and new door pockets. More storage space was provided in the form of a tray on the centre tunnel, which like the rest of the floor was covered in carpet rather than rubber mats. Except for radial instead of bias ply tires, from a mechanical standpoint the 500 L was identical to the coeval 500 F.

(source: wikipedia)

Buy a fully restored Fiat 500 L. Tell us how you’ve always dreamed about it and we’ll do it, you won’t have to worry about anything. We look for the Fiat 500L, restore it and deliver it directly to your home

You will become the owner of a perfect vintage Fiat 500 L in every detail, fully restored.
It will be like owning a Fiat 500 just released by Fiat in the 60s and 70s

After choosing the colors and accessories, we will take from our stock a Fiat 500 of the model you have chosen and we will do the following jobs:

1. Total body restoration
* Blasting or chemical stripping
* Replacement of all rusted or damaged parts
* Protective primer
* Protective varnish for floors
2. Restoration of the electrical system
3. New braking system
4. New suspension
5. Restoring the engine
6. New battery
7. New chrome parts
8. New interiors
9. New tires
10. New sunroof
11. New rubber parts
12. Suspension Arms, engine covers, heat shields, Brake Back Plates, Brake Drums,            etc. are powder coated in black

With the car you will receive the Italian papers and documents, the Italian plates, the invoice and all the photos that certify the work done.

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