Car Detail

FIAT 500 R or Rinnovata (1972–1975)

The last incarnation of the Fiat 500 was the R model. It had the same 594 cc engine of the Fiat 126, however, the power rating is the same as the L but at lower rpm (4000 instead of 4400) and with a bit more torque; a full synchromesh gearbox is still missing. The floor-pan which was from either the ‘L’, or later, the new 126. It was also more comfortable, but more simply trimmed and equipped than before — the fuel gauge was omitted and only the low fuel indicator remained. The 500 R was also a stop-gap for Fiat prior to the launch of the Fiat 126, and when the new 126 was launched, sales of the old Fiat 500 R plummeted. It was sold alongside the Fiat 126 for another two years before Fiat retired the 500.

Built your own Fiat 500: you can choose body color, interior color and the accessories that you want on your car.

You will become the owner of a Fiat 500 perfect in every aspect.
It will be like owning a Fiat 500 just released by Fiat in the 60s 70s

After you have chosen the colors and accessories, we will take from our stock a Fiat 500 of the model you have chosen and we will do the following works:

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1. Totally body restoration
* Sandblasting or chemical stripping
* Replacement all rusty parts or damaged
* Protective Primer
* Floor protective paint
2. Electric system restoration
3. New brake system
4. New suspension
5. Engine restoration
6. New battery
7. New chrome parts
8. New interior
9. New tyres
10. New sunroof
11. New rubber parts

With the car you will receive the paperworks and Italian documents, the Italian plates, the invoice and all pictures the certify the work performed.

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