Car Detail

1984 Alfa Romeo Alfetta 2.0

Configuration: 4 doors.
Number of seats: 5.
Engine power: 131 hp (96 kW).
Engine: 1,962 cc.
Number of cylinders: 4.
Periodic vehicle inspection: Italian.
Registration: Italian.
Total owners: 4

This original Alfa Romeo Alfetta 2.0 looks really good. It is a true Alfa Romeo, not only is it reliable but it is also pleasant to drive.

The exterior has a beautiful appearance, and does not show scratches or scratches, nor signs of rust.
The driving is good. The original interior is in good condition and everything is working properly. The Alfa was first registered on Aug 7, 1984 in Italy. Before the last owner refurbished it, the car remained abandoned in a shed placed under sequestration. When it was found it was totally covered in dust, with its wheels destroyed and its windows open. Fortunately, however, that same day it was loaded onto a tow truck and taken to an workshop where an artisan took care of her bringing it back to its former glory.

Technical conditions (engine, gearbox, brakes): excellent, the car can be driven.
Body and paint conditions: the paint is in good condition, the bodywork is technically in good condition.

– Rear window heating.
– Front electric windows.