Car Detail

1977 Alfa Romeo Alfetta 1600

Alfa Romeo Alfetta 1600 first registered on 05/08/1977. The car is original. About 15 years ago it was repainted to restore shine to some parts of the car which, over time, had faded. There are slight imperfections as evidence of the fact that this is a preserved car.
The interior is original and in good condition. There is only the glove box on the driver’s side door with the plastic partially broken / missing
This Alfa romeo alfetta 1600 is mechanically functioning, as well as the electrical system.
The road holding is exceptional and has nothing to envy to the latest production cars.
A year ago the carburetion was adjusted, platinum tips replaced, and a general service of oil and filters was carried out.
The car is regularly maintained, the car is delivered with new oil change, filters, and transmission joints.

Model that in 2022 turns 50 years after its presentation



First registration: 05/08/1977
Body Color: Blu Olandese
Internal color: Cream
Kilometers: 114800 km
1600 cc twin-cylinder engine
Condition of the paint: good
Mechanical conditions: fully functional
State of the electrical system: In perfect working order