Car Detail

1971 Fiat 500 L – Front Disc Brakes

Beautiful Fiat 500 L (luxury) in good overall condition.
The Fiat 500 was recently repainted.

Equipped with an elegant steering wheel and a wooden gear knob.

Thanks to the Fiat 126 engine (not original) and the synchronized gearbox, driving is very pleasant and very responsive, especially when driving this Fiat 500 in city traffic.
The mechanics have been totally overhauled.

To make this Fiat 500 safer there is a braking system with front disc brakes.

It is fitted with wheels with Atlas white wall bands.

The electrical system is fully functional. There is also the predisposition for the installation of a car radio.

It is possible to ship the car. For a cost estimate, indicate the location.

The last service was carried out in July where the following works were carried out:
– air filter replacement
– engine oil change
– gearbox oil replacement
– replacement of condenser and platinum-plated points
– replacement of spindles
– installation of the disc braking system

The entire body of the car is solid and free of rust through.