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1970 Helvetia Momo Dune Buggy to be restored!

We offer for sale a 1970 Helvetia Momo Dune Buggy to be restored!
It concerns the 1200 VW model with still a 6-volt electrical system.

It has only traveled 12,000 km and has been in the garage most of the time.
The dune buggy is very efficient in terms of engine: its last owner reports that after 30/40 years of being in the garage if you put petrol and battery in, the car starts first time!

The car needs restoration soft top, front seats, brakes (drum)
The restoration of this car is neither particularly elaborate nor expensive.




First registration: 1970
Body color: Red
Interior color: Black

The car needs restoration.

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It is possible to ship the car all over the world. For a cost estimate, indicate the location.