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1967 Fiat 500 F Original Engine

We present a beautiful 1967 Fiat 500 F with original engine and a beautiful story full of many emotions where simplicity and happiness are the key words!

The owner’s daughter says the car has always been owned by her father.
This splendid Fiat 500 was the protagonist of extraordinary adventures and trips out of town … the most extraordinary was the one in which he took his wife, pregnant with her second daughter, ready to come into the world, in the hospital, when the highway still did not exist.
On Sunday afternoons they used to go for a walk on the only day off he had and they went to get ice cream because for him family was the most important thing.
It has always been the family car until 1994 when he bought another car ….. but this was still his 5th and 6th as he liked to call it.

He never wanted to sell it because he wanted to give it to his nephew who was supposed to take him for a walk but an illness took him away in 2012.
The daughter has cherished the car so far as dear, with great love and a lot of respect, but now she can no longer keep it.

This Fiat 500 is therefore waiting for a new owner, ready to relive the old emotions and give new ones … to those who really know how to keep it like a jewel ….. just like its old owner did.


The color has recently been redone because it was damaged
Then repainted but not restored, original engine and interior.



First registration: 1967
Body color: White
Interior color: Camel color

Paint condition: good
Mechanical condition: fully functional
Condition of the electrical system: In perfect working order

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Note: This car is sold directly by the owner who is responsible for the accuracy of the photos and information contained in the advertisement, for this car, Garagefiat500 is only providing advertising space. After paying a deposit, the seller and the buyer will be put in direct contact with each other. In any case, Garagefiat500 will continue to provide support throughout the sale – purchase phase, furthermore Garagefiat500 will be able to provide, upon request, assistance in handling paperwork for transfer of ownership or export, and organize their transport.