Here is an incredible discovery: The vintage Fiat 500s protect the environment.

Here is an incredible discovery: The vintage Fiat 500s protect the environment.

Incredible, isn’t it? That’s it! Scraps from Fiat 500 restorations can be reduced and trees planted.

Each restoration produces a variable amount of waste material. Body parts or mechanical parts that must inevitably be replaced with new ones. All this makes the Fiat 500 certainly safer, but it also creates a considerable amount of waste. How to do then? This was the question we asked ourselves. The answer was given by Lavoisier’s postulate: “Nothing is created, nothing is destroyed, everything is transformed“.

So why not take the old sheet metal that is replaced and the mechanical parts that are no longer usable for the Fiat 500 and transform them into design elements? Many already do it, but the more we are, the better!
Our commitment is not only to make these “waste” become design objects, but that through this transformation we can finance charity projects. (Collaborations with associations will be communicated from time to time).

We Fiat 500 enthusiasts are familiar with the philosophy of slow drive, driving slowly to appreciate the panorama that surrounds us. What could be better than driving your Fiat 500 on a country road? Or during a trip out of town and maybe stopping just for a nice picnic in the cool of a tree? How many of you have dreamed it? and how many of you have done it?
Slow drive and panorama, shade and picnic, Fiat 500 and trees.

All cars produce CO2, and vintage cars pollute more than modern cars, but there is an important fact to consider: vintage cars, like Fiat 500s, are used a few days a year and only for demonstrations, gatherings or short journeys. Their use is normally limited to weekends, when therefore there is less concentration of traffic, and they are often used purely in suburban areas. So our small and beloved Fiat 500 affect pollution less, but still produce CO2.

So why not plant trees every time a fiat 500 finds a new companion or adventurer? So thanks to the collaboration with for each tree planted, a personalized certificate will be issued that will testify to the action taken.

SeDiciAlberi is an Italian company committed to promoting the reduction of CO2 by promoting various reforestation projects around the world. They are official partners of the Plan Vivo Foundation which operates in disadvantaged areas of the planet with reforestation projects aimed at reducing CO2 and at the same time improving the economic and social conditions of local populations, guaranteeing work and food support. Plan Vivo Foundation is one of the main organizations worldwide engaged in projects with high social and environmental impact.

This is the commitment that the DenittoClassics team, thanks naturally to your invaluable support, has made towards the planet and future generations.
“What we do is just a drop in the ocean, but if we didn’t, the ocean would have one drop less”

Thanks for your support.
Alexa, Alessandro, Tony, Flavio and Gabriele.